Tongan Brother Taken Down by System

Till today much of the spin and "analysis" fails to mention that Tonga was subject to one of the harshest WTO accession pro grammes ever,
Tonga has been pursuing membership of the WTO and expected to sign up at the Hong Kong ministerial in December. The New Zealand government has been supporting the process. Amongst many other things forming part of its accession to the WTO, Tonga is offering to open up much of its service sector to foreign competition. This includes sectors such as air transport, hospitals, broadcasting, all forms of education, sewage and sanitation, financial services, construction, as well as business and professional services such as lawyers and accountants. This goes way beyond the commitments other WTO members, such as New Zealand, have made
Sam Buchanan http://snap.enzyme.org.nz/2005_11_01_archive.html

Mass organising and protests in Tonga not only for democracy, but for a decent society not one socially and economically stripped to the bone for the dogs of neo liberalism. Respect to Ma'ake. take it easy bro. Happening days before the g20, the Tongan Uprising saw the loss of at least 18 young Tongan lives. making the g 20 that followed in Melbourne a tea party in comparison.

A Tongan man who was earlier found guilty of participating in the November 2006 riot that burned down much of Nuku'alofa's business district has been sentenced to seven years in jail, the government Web site Tonga Now reports.

Chief Judge Anthony Ford yesterday sentenced Ma'ake Kali, who had been found guilty by a jury of one count of riotous assembly and one count of destruction of a building arising from a riotous assembly.

Kali's case was the first time a Tonga jury had found a defendant guilty in a case related to the 2006 riot.


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