Colorado AIM Call To Action: Newmont Mining Protest

Most of you know that Newmont Mining is the second largest mining
corporation in the world, and is based in Denver. Newmont operates on
every continent, except Antarctica, and almost every one of its
operations has negative impacts on First Nations people. In Peru,
indigenous activists have been beaten, imprisoned and killed in the
course of opposing Newmont's practices. The same can be said in Ghana
and Indonesia. In the U.S., Newmont, in collusion with the U.S.
government, is invading the territory of the Western Shoshone Nation
-- in violation of the Treaty of Ruby Valley of 1863. Next week, the
University of Denver, Graduate School of International Studies,
intends to honor Newmont in expectation of a huge corporate
contribution to the school.

The protest will be joined by Carrie Dann and Julie Fishel of the
Western Shoshone Defense Project. At the protest, the " Real
International Bridge-Builder Human Rights Award" will be awarded to
Carrie Dann, who will accept it on behalf of the Western Shoshone,
other indigenous communities, and all communities who have suffered,
but continue to resist, Newmont's policies and actions.

WHO: American Indian Movement (AIM) of Colorado, Global Response,
Rocky Mtn Peace and Justice Center, Stop Newmont Coalition, CU
Indigenous Support Network, and the Denver Justice and Peace
Commission are all protesting an award to be given by the U of Denver
to Wayne Murdy, CEO of Newmont Mining Company. Please join us!
WHAT: On Aug 30, at the black-tie Korbel Dinner, DU will be wining and
dining Denver's elite. This is a top-tier fund raiser for the Graduate
School of International Studies (GSIS), which touts its program on
International Human Rights. Newmont CEO Wayne Murdy will be presented
the "International Bridge Builder's Award." Former Secreatry of State
Madeleine Albright will be the keynote speaker.

WHY: To educate the public about Newmont Mining Corporation's myriad
human rights and environmental abuses in Indonesia, Ghana, Peru, San
Luis Valley in Colorado, Western Shoshone territory ( U.S.),
Australia, Romania and Mexico, and to let the University of Denver
know how inappropriate it is for Newmont to be receiving this award.

WHERE: The Denver Marriot on 17th and California, downtown Denver.

WHEN: Thursday, August 30th at 6pm


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