NT protesters slam Indigenous Uncle Toms

Aboriginal leaders at a protest in Alice Springs have criticised Indigenous leaders who have spoken in support of the Federal Government's intervention in Northern Territory Indigenous communities.

Up to 300 people gathered for the rally, organised by a group of Aboriginal organisations.

The Tangentyere Council Executive Director, William Tilmouth, likened Cape York leader Noel Pearson to Queensland mounted police, who he said shot at Aborigines.

"The Queensland mounted police have taken their role again, in the voice of Noel Pearson, Sue Gordon, you know, [they] should know better," he said.

"Warren Mundine - should know better - he knows nothing about our culture, he knows nothing about the way we live, those people should hang their head in shame."

The chief executive of National Indigenous Television, Pat Turner, pointed to the difference between the Federal Government's approach to Northern Queensland, compared to Northern Territory Indigenous communities.

"They provided $48 million in this Northern Territory response for 4,000 Aboriginal people who live in the Cape York, for Noel Pearson's pet project on welfare reform, but he's allowed to pilot it with his people," she said.

"For our people, it's mandatory."


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