Announcing the formation of AC/DC...

The Melbourne Alliance for Civil Disobedience Co-ordination (AC/DC) statement on APEC protests in September 2007, Sydney Australia

1. We recognise that APEC is an illegitimate institution in the eyes of the mass of the human population, and that its agenda is a threat to our welfare and environment. We are therefore in favour of the largest possible mass mobilisation and mass demonstrations against it.

2. We aim to disrupt the functioning of any APEC-related activities in Sydney in September 2007.

2. We defend our right to mass civil disobedience and mass direct action and we will attempt to use these tactics as part of our resistance to the agenda of APEC.

3. We reject the police and the state's attempts to define and control our protest and our resistance through the use of declared areas, protestor black lists and other forms of state intimidation

4. We want to convince other groups, individuals and communities to join us in resistance to APEC that is meaningful and empowering

That is all - for now....

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Ozy said...

You weak piece of Commie shite. I can't wait to watch the policw beat the living crap out of you and your friends. I onlu hope they use the cannon on you all to wash your pink blood off our clean streets. You are the minority, you have no friends and your beating will be celebrated by all wise Australians.