Confused pigs roll APEC security wagon into town

What sort of pig spin is this, unprepared what bullshit, with unprecedented police powers, plus all the new hardware that milking the "terror" frenzy has bought the pigs, let alone their carry on, looks like the state trying to look like the underdog, when they have spent millions of dollars, time and energy beefing up their bullshit for apec.

Jordan Baker Chief Police Reporter
August 9, 2007

THE police operation for the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum swings into action in less than two weeks, but organisers are scrambling to complete details.

Security planning has been based on the Olympic model, with local area commands amalgamated to allow about a third of police to focus on APEC.

Many officers will take up their posts on August 20.

But there has been confusion over squads, staffing and key details such as the definition of APEC-related crime.

A new squad - the APEC Investigation Squad - was hastily set up just over a week ago to investigate crimes arising from APEC.

It will be headed by Detective Superintendent Ken McKay, who heads the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad.

Mr McKay was in charge of Strike Force Enoggera, which charged more than 100 people after the Cronulla riots.

About 40 police have been seconded to the squad, and at least another 30 will join it.

The Herald understands there is still confusion at senior levels over what will constitute an APEC-related crime. Mr McKay said it would include any offence against or by a delegate.

There has also been confusion over the use of officers from State Crime Command, with official permission given only on Monday.

More than 5000 police and army personnel will be reassigned when 21 world leaders and thousands of dignitaries visit .

Meetings will begin on September 2, but security will be at its tightest between Friday, September 7 and Sunday, September 9.

Fences will be used around restricted areas of the Opera House, Government House and the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre. The Transport Minister, John Watkins, said police would be able to search people and cars, and set up roadblocks, diversions and barricades.

He said further details on disruptions would be available in the coming weeks. "We will do all we can to ensure non-essential visits to the city that weekend are minimised while still allowing people to get to where they need to be with a minimum of delay," he said.


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