Palmy to Project Dissent against State Terror in support of Global Day of Action


WHERE: Palmerston North Courthouse (main street)
WHEN: Fri 29th August 6pm

Palmerston North will be meeting outside the Court House (Main St across from Downtown) on Friday nite 29th at 6pm in support of the
Global Day of Action against State Terror.

Spokesperson Kathleen Anderson said " We will be projecting our dissent against State Terror onto the courthouse with images and sound aimed at informing the Palmy masses - in this way we reaffirm our tautoko for the families whose houses were raided here in Palmerston North and around the country - and in particular the kaumatua who was incarcerated for 3 days during the raids last year without access to medical care resulting in hospitalisation"

It is also an opportunity for us to remind people that the case is on-going and demand that the charges be dropped."

"Attempts by the Police to lay charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act (TSA) failed but people are still facing politically motivated charges under the Arms Act. The day of action immediately precedes the start of the deposition hearing in Auckland on 1 September"

"Police used the Terrorism Suppression Act and over $8 million to harass and punish political activists who they saw as supporting Tino Rangatiratanga and Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe"

"You don't need to look very far back into the history of New Zealand to see the brutality used by the State to silence Maori calls for sovereignty and self-determination. Parihaka, Maungapohatu, Takaparawhau (Bastion Point), Pakaitore (Moutoa Gardens), are familiar names in this nation's history of State violence to Māori resistance."

"The 20 defendants have suffered considerable and sustained emotional, physical and financial punishment by the crown in the 10 months since their initial arrests. This punishment must end and the charges must be dropped."

There are demonstrations and actions being planned around the globe including Australia, the US, Germany and of course here in Palmy North

Listings for protests in other cities can be found at

Kathleen Anderson 0274578326

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kia kaha on all the mahi and great support use are doing

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