How the Haneef affair became carry on coppers

Richard Ackland
August 22, 2008

More than a year ago, there was strong evidence that the terror case against Mohamed Haneef was a farce. Yet grimly the federal police and the top copper Mick Keelty held firm to the belief that this Indian doctor posed a threat.

Based on the word of the Australian Federal Police, Haneef was stripped of his visa. The then minister for immigration, Kevin Andrews, repeatedly said he was in possession of secret information from the police that he relied on to make that decision. It was so powerful and secret that this information could not be publicly revealed.

It has now emerged that there was no evidence of criminal behaviour in the document at all.


At the moment, Mick Keelty is looking like one of the most wretched and plod-like public servants in Australia.

It's about time the Government put its foot on his neck. To allow him to continue to run a complex and massively resourced anti-terrorism agency is unthinkable.

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