Terrorism Smear "Strike to the Heart of Indigenous Rights

At 2pm today, around 200 people attended a rally outside the Wellington District Court today in support of the 4 local people arrested in Monday's police raids.40 were allowed inside the court while the rest filled the street outside the court building. The 4 will appear again at a bail hearing on Friday.

Five arrestees appeared in the Rotorua and Wellington District Courts today, after yesterday evening's revoking of Jamie Lockett's bail in the Auckland High Court.

In Rotorua, Tame Iti was denied bail and will reappear on October 24th. In addition, 3 more charges under the Arms Act were laid against him. In Wellington, four arrestees were expected to have a hearing on whether or not their cases would be moved to Auckland, but no decision was reached. All four will reappear on Friday for a bail hearing.

Around 4-5 people in Auckland have been questioned by police on Tuesday and Wednesday, although none have been arrested. It is extremely important that anyone called in for questioning has a lawyer present, and makes no comment whatsoever. There is no such thing as a harmless conversation when it comes to police questioning.


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