Sydney Solidarity with Aotearoa Arrestees: Protest Report

20 people attended a solidarity demonstration outside the New Zealand
Consulate in Sydney this morning.

Armed with carrots and an avocado (certified non-explosive),
demonstrators told passers-by `This is considered a weapon in New
Zealand. Houses were raided across the country, a bus of school
children was searched at gunpoint, and what do they find to
confiscate? A bag with some carrots and an avocado.

This is their"police intelligence". This is the justification for
their anti-terror laws, which are being used to crush dissent and
intimidate activists.'

The group had a banner reading `Police are the real terrorists' and
leaflets warning that `A heavily armed gang of over 300 thugs called
the "New Zealand" gang, known for their previous violent offenses,
have recently kidnapped at least seventeen environmental,
peace-movement, anarchist and Tino Rangatiratanga (Maori Sovereignty
movement) activists. They are known to have automatic guns, run
illegitimate terrorist training camps in the midst of Aotearoa
society, and to be paid by foreign governments who have committed acts
of aggression and illegally occupied people's land. The gang is
slavishly obedient to their mysterious leader, known only as "Helen."

Some demonstrators tried to enter the consulate building but were held
back by Federal Police. A representative of the Consulate came down to
talk to the protest and left to pass on a message of `strong disapproval'.

A further public meeting and demonstration will be held next Thursday,
October 25, at 5.30 pm outside the NZ consulate (55 Hunter St, Sydney.)


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