Against State Repression of Activists in Aotearoa

Early this morning there were simultaneous raids across the North Island, in Auckland, Whakatane, Wellington, Ruatoki, and Hamilton. Later in the morning, Police came to at least four houses in Christchurch. Around a dozen people have been arrested so far, and reports are that up to 60 are being sought for questioning.

The raids were under the Suppression Of Terrorism Act and the Firearms Act. They have been targeted at people involved in the Tino Rangatiratanga, Peace and Environmental movements.

This is a full on criminalisation of dissent, it is deplorable and a disgusting attack on Tino Rangatiratanga, Environmental & Peace activists, This is a very convenient way for the police to arrest every activist in the country, and smear them with terrorism, in the style of a cointelpro programme.

Come and demonstrate your solidarity with our brother & sister activists in Aotearoa, and show your disgust at state repression and the criminalisation of dissent.

Consulate-General of New Zealand

Suite 2, North Level 3 350 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3001

11am Tuesday the 16th of October

Tautoko atu a wairua, a hinengaro, a tinana hoki

Ka Whawhai tonu matou ake ake ake !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kia Ora

Im 100% behind you. Add me to your list. The media puffed things up so much and even ruined property (The smashed window in Wellington). If there is a members form. How do I join you?

Stand strong, Kia Kaha

Samuel J. Hill said...

Anarchists, Communists, Extremists.

Maori_Mafia said...

I was thinking a few weeks ago - Tame Iti has been really quiet lately, he must be upto no good! Now it all makes sense.

I suppose Tame Iti's trip to visit Bainarama in Fiji was to do with military coups.

If these guys have been planning a military reaction, then I hope Tame Iti sees concrete walls for the rest of his life. Kia Kaha Tame Iti!