Stop the State Repression of Indigenous Peoples

"Global Oppression Intense as Indigenous Peoples Rise Up and Organize."
by Brenda Norrell


"Global oppression has intensified as Indigenous Peoples are organizing at the international level to control their resources and halt oppression. Maori leaders in the sovereignty, environmental and peace movements have been arrested. Tame Iti is in prison without bail. New Zealand authorities are attempting to brand the Maori as terrorists.
New Zealand is under international pressure to adhere to the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples adopted by the U.N., which recognizes the right of Indigenous Peoples to their ancestral lands. Earlier, New Zealand, the United States, Australia and Canada voted against the UN Declaration.

Just now, Wednesday morning (October 17) the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has announced it will revisit its ruling halting a plan to make snow from sewer water on sacred San Francisco Peaks, a place of healing ceremonies and healing plant gathering for 13 area Indian Tribes. The federal Appeals Court said it is responding to pressure from the United States and Snowbowl Ski Resort.

In the south, the military oppression is unabated in Chiapas and Oaxaca, while mining corporations crush communities in Central and South America.
All of this comes at the same time that Zapatistas are organizing at the international level and Indigenous Peoples are fighting the corporate destruction — copper and gold mining, oil drilling, coal mining, power plants, uranium mining and nuclear dumping & from the Andean highlands in South America to the Inuit in Alaska and Aboriginals in Australia, and uniting in solidarity.

At the same time in Canada, Indian Nations are rising up to protect their ancestral territories, resisting colonization and the seizure of their lands for uranium mining, housing developments and oil drilling, as the Bush administration rushes to seize the oil in the melting Arctic."

Solidarity in the Kulin Nations

Kia Ora Koutou Whanau, to all my Relations Greetings & Respect

In the Kulin Nations (Melbourne) we will be holding a solidarity rally on the 27th of October.At Federation Square at 12 noon.

This rally will also be a condemnation of the 4 settler grubbyments that refuse to acknowledge and affirm our rights as Indigenous peoples to exist, to self determination and to sovereignty.Our solidarity will also be extended to out brothers and sisters in Great Turtle Island, as this phenomena of state suppression on Indigenous peoples is nothing new and still a common daily occurrence.

Stop the State Repression of Indigenous Peoples

Solidarity with the Urewera 17! Free them now!

Free Political Prisoners/Drop the Charges

Drop the Charges against Lex Wotoon NOW

Free Tame Iti NOW

Drop the Charges against Shawn Bryant NOW

Free Leonard Peltier NOW

In the Spirit of Indigenous Unity & Solidarity

Respect and Regards to all from my heart.

Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou Ake Ake Ake
Always Was Always Will Be Aboriginal Land.

Sina Brown-Davis
Te Roroa, Te Uriohau, Fale Ula, Vava'u

+61 3 94058449

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