Making a buck out of the amerikkkan death industry

We have to stop doing this to each other in the Pacific. Making a buck of another's oppression whilst entrenching our own is not smart and as the experience of amerikkkan genocide committed on our brothers and sisters in Great Turtle Island & Hawaii will attest to, not forgetting, amerikkkan Imperialism & human rights atrocities in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Chile, Dominican Republic, Granada, Iraq, Haiti, Panama & Afghanistan.

Don’t expect the amerikkka to protect your culture or lands or oceans, they will be used, raped; your culture will be reduced to an artifact & tourist attraction, nothing more. When you start to defend your ancestral rights they will label you "terrorists” whilst they commit genocide & theft, they will smile cause they are 'bringing y'all amerikkkan democracy”.Bullshit 515 years ago and bullshit now

The U.S. Department of the Interior's Business in the Islands Opportunities Conference will cover several topics and growing sectors in the insular areas, from shipping to transportation, agriculture, and infrastructure. But more importantly it will give businesses the chance to learn how they might benefit from the proposed military buildup for Guam.

The conference, the fourth ever, will bring together the heads of the insular areas under one roof. Among those who will be speaking include president of Palau Tommy Remengesau, president of the FSM Manny Mori, American Samoa governor Togiola Tulafono, Guam governor Felix Camacho, and CNMI lieutenant governor Tim Villagomez, to name a few. It's an opportunity for island leaders to showcase what their individual locales offer to investors. For Guam, it's a no-brainer: the proposed buildup of military forces locally.

And who better to speak on that topic that joint Guam Program Office's Captain Robert Lee? He says while it's a DOI conference, JGPO, through a partnership with the DOI, decided to take a more active role. He said, "Due to the fact that the military buildup is proposed to happen, it's again a good time to partner with them and when we had our industry forum [David] Bice said, 'Why don't we go ahead and play a bigger part in this role? Since the business conference is about bringing business to Guam, getting folks to make an impact on their businesses, why don't you go ahead, JGPO, brief what you did at the Guam Industry Forum, kind of update it to where we are today?' So that' really what's going to happen.

"The purpose of the conference is to facilitate business and economic growth in the seven U.S.-affiliated insular areas: American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Commonweath of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau. Some of those opportunities include large scale public infrastructure work of all types like improved water, power, and telecommunications are needed in all the insular areas including efforts to improve energy efficiency.

The Joint Guam Program Office and the Naval Facilities Engineering Command will use the conference as the venue for the second in their promised series of industry sessions on the military buildup. Said Lee, "In this meeting, more on the local regional level, we want to make sure that they had the same input that we gave the national audience international audience at the industry forum. Again, how we going to do business? What are the opportunities? Give us your ideas what your thinking down the road. We just want to bring everyone in and put them on the same level playing field. And of course the more people we talk to the easier its going to be to play a big part in it. That's really the goal - to get out there share what we're doing and for us as JGPO this will be a new adventure, so we're gong to see how Interior does it on their side and give us another avenue to work with some other people.

In addition to speaking in a plenary session, Department of Defense representatives will also conduct a breakout session, discussing recommendations and outcomes from their first session, which was held on Guam in August.

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