Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide
Song by: Dwayne Pamajewon
Nya:weh D for suggesting your song.

Crimson Tide
Written by: Dwayne Pamajewon

Take your rightful place
As you've done before
Bring forth the truth
That'll punish you no more

Dig up your racial slurs
Buried in the sand
Toss them at the sea of red
Then hide and wash your hands

No resolutions
Tempers are going to flare
Someone gets an itchy finger
Pulls the trigger among those who stare

Pre Chorus

Now here come's
Here comes the force
Here comes the rage to resistance
To even out the score
Now here come's the waves
The Redmans' waves


Well, it's a Crimson Tide
Right before my eyes
Watching the Redman
Uncover the truth
Now watch this country come alive

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