To our Brothers, Sisters, Friends & Allies in Australia:

Modern law is based on human equality and consent of the governed. Colonialism is illegal. The physical abuse that is happening among Aborigines and us here was learned from the first encounters with the penal colonists. They tied up our women like animals to abuse them. This is not part of Aborigine culture.

The military going into our Aborigine communities will make it worse. It will turn the clock back 100 years. The depth of the problems caused by the residential schools molestation experience shows how long this abuse can last, many generations. Even the SPCA tells animal owners they can't hit a dog or cat, but they still think its okay to hit people.

We should challenge these politicians and officials to live for one week like they are forcing us to live. They could not do it.

The government is supposed to be an instrument of the people to regulate our lives for our betterment, not as an instrument of oppression. When people work together we can do more. The oppressor class is imposing situations that the public is not aware of. They do not realize what is right or wrong. Disturbing us and the environment needs our consent. We have not consented to this kind of interference by anyone, particularly the military.

Are there any Aborigines in the Australian Parliament? If so, why is there no outcry from them? Has the legislature been given the legitimate power to impose martial law on us?

The settler cultures were a product of people abused, enslaved and displaced in the early feudal period. They belonged to the king or prince in exchange for being allowed to live. The aristocracy started pushing people off the land to raise animals instead of farming. The people migrated to the cities where they died like flies. They had no means of support and they were cut off from the land. Those sent to the penal colonies had no means to survive. They were a poor culture of a poor people They treated us the way they were treated. They don't see anything wrong with that.

We remember our reality of just over 100 years. If oppression is our only reality and we had nothing before the settlers arrived, then would we have no reason to live? But we had something that we created ourselves that sustained us so we had better lives and healthy environment. This artificial brutal reality that was brought here and forced on us has to go!

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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