Oneidas For Democracy

The Onyota'a:ka - "People of the Standing Stone" have endured many hardships over the past few generations as they have struggled to maintain their status as Haudenosaunee. They have overcome great odds to return to their ancestral lands. Their inherent right to live in peace within Oneida Territory is rapidly being stripped away from them by the current leadership of the Oneida Nation of New York, Inc.



Unknown said...

haha! Thanks for posting this Ana. I'm happy to say there is a full film on the Oneidas I'm hoping we can get online (and I'm just in the middle of redesigning the site too).

If we get the video online, I'll be sure to pass a note onto you.



Ana said...

Kia Bro

Couldn't help posting this, these women are stanch and fierce. Look forward to the full version.

Respect & Regards

In the spirit of Indigenous Unity & resistance.