A journey of a thousand miles-MOTHER EARTH IS CRYING

Yungarri Knuppanunka Aunty Sue Charles Rankin Kulin nations Elder (center)

On the 07/07/07, Yungarri Knuppanunka Aunty Sue Charles Rankin, Aboriginal Mother and Grandmother from the Kulin Nation, (Melbourne, Australia) in her fiftieth year will set off from Kaurna Country (Adelaide, South Australia), to walk a journey of a 1,500 kilometers to Uluru in Australia’s Northern Territory to bring world-wide focus on Mother Earth changes and the continued deplorable treatment and living conditions of Aboriginal Peoples in the homelands of her Ancestors.

Our people say if country is sick, people are sick. We have forgotten that we are all connected, we no longer listen to our Mother Earth and each other in a healthy manner.

In setting out upon this peaceful journey, my intention is to promote awareness of and better our relationship with our Mother Earth and each other. We, each of us cannot continue on the course we are currently on and just hope everything will be ok. My people have sought always to maintain balance and its restoration through reciprocal relationships with all things this is expressed through our shared values, beliefs and practices.

There must be a shift in attitude we must become conscious of our relationship with each other and our Mother Earth, we are all connected. Each of us is responsible. We cannot continue to close off our ears and eyes to the continuing plight of my People and our Mother Earth. This time of ignorance, greed and complacency must end.

I look forward to sitting down with people in communities along the way, to share our stories and to see how we can all work together to bring about peaceful change for the betterment of all people and all life.” All life is sacred, I am walking this ancient earth as my Ancestors have done from time immemorial I walk it for all those who have brought us here and for all those still to come.
People who can make it to Adelaide are encouraged to come down to see the walkers off and share a farewell BBQ Breakfast

DATE: Saturday the 07/07/07.

TIME: 6am Depart by 7am

WHERE: Tauondi Aborignal College
11 Lipson street Port Adelaide South Australia

Alternatively, people can share art, music or words of support online at:
www.peacepilgrimage.net/sacredlife or www.myspace.com/peacepilgrimage

For media enquiries please contact: sacredlife_media@peacepilgrimage.net

For further information about the walk please visit: http://peacepilgrimage.net/sacredlife

Aunty Sue is a long time campaigner for Aboriginal Rights:

by Genocide prosecutors Wednesday April 13, 2005 at 01:17 PM

Photo's and rundown of today's action at the High Court Registry Melbourne...Aboriginal elders calling an end to the Genocide


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