The Real National Day of Action & Resistance ANTI-CANADA DAY July 1st

While the collaborator chiefs of the Assembly of First Nations plan to
march, acquire corporate donations and access government funds on June
, other groups are calling on
Indigenous people and their allies to take grassroots ACTION on Canada
day - the day that symbolizes epic state atrocities and oppression
against Indigenous people, including: genocide, land theft and
occupation, brutality, violence and abuse, and mass child apprehension
and deaths.

Today, Canada continues its program of assault on Indigenous people.
The state imprisonment and death of Elder and Warrior Harriet Nahanee
is oneof many examples of the state's vile mistreatment of Indigenous
people, in particular those who expose and dissent Canada's illegal
theft and occupation of Indigenous lands. Harriet was a 72-year old
Pacheedaht grandmother, married into the Skwxwu7mesh Nation, who was
arrested and imprisoned for protecting the Eagle Ridge Bluff site that
is slated to be destroyed in the expansion of the Sea-to-Sky Highway
for the 2010 Olympics.

Despite her frail health, Harriet was sentenced to fourteen days at
the Surrey Pretrial center; a men's prison and notorious hell hole.
While in jail, where she was inflicted with abuse, and not given
proper medical care in a cell with tens of other inmates subject to
racist treatment, Harriet Nahanee contracted pneumonia. After one week
of release from custody, she was hospitalized and passed away within a
week. Harriet represents hundreds of other Indigenous people who are
criminalized and abused by the Canadian state when they choose to
stand up against and not assimilate into Canadian capitalist society.

Harriet was well known for her use of the Royal Proclamation to
explain how unceded Indigenous lands are illegally occupied and
governed by the Canadian government. The Canadian and provincial
governments continue to attempt to extinguish Aboriginal title and
rights (through litigation and the BC treaty process), dispossess
Indigenous people from their lands, and destroy traditional
territories through mega-development projects.

There are over 500 murdered and missing Aboriginal women in Canada,
yet Canada does not acknowledge this as a 'Justice file,' or as the
responsibility of the justice system. Instead, the unjust deaths are
treated as 'cultural,' and put under a 'Canadian Heritage file.' Where
do the AFN collaborator chiefs stand on this issue? Where were they at
the Pickton trial? Why do they not mention Aboriginal women on their
Day of Action?

Today, there has been more Indigenous children in foster and state
(MCFD) care today then there ever was in residential school (tens of
thousands of Indigenous people who were forced in residential school
are now filing legal cases against the church and state of Canada).
This should be alarming as the number of Indigenous people in abusive
and assimilating residential schools (which instituted cultural
genocide and slave labor) was immense. Children continue to die and be
sexually and physically abused in MCFD care today, as well as
suffering further isolation from their cultural roots.

Everyday in Canada, hundreds of incidents of police brutality
against Indigenous people, namely youth, take place. Police and RCMP
in Prince George and other areas have sexually assaulted Indigenous
girls, police and RCMP have run Indigenous youth over with their cars
in northern communities and other areas, and police and RCMP have
murdered many Indigenous people all over Canada (starlight tours,
deaths in custody, shooting to death, tazering to death, beating to
death, etc.).

Canada remains one of the only countries that does NOT have an
independent body to investigate police and RCMP brutality, murders and
hate crimes. Instead they investigate themselves, and as a result many
police and RCMP literally get away with murder. When Pivot Legal
Society announced the completion of its report, including affidavits
documenting police brutality and violence, the police chief (Jamie
Graham) just simply "retired."

Vancouver BC's hosting of the 2010 Olympics has already aggravated
Canada's abject poverty and homelessness that Indigenous people are
overrepresented with. The estimated number of homeless persons in
Canada ranges from 100,000 to 250,000, 25-30% which are Indigenous
people. Due to skyrocketing housing prices and a lack of affordable
housing and social housing (more focus is made on accommodating hungry
visitors (tourists)), the number of homeless people will surely rise
during the lead up to the 2010 games.

Canada's Dirty History is Repeating Itself...

JULY 1st, 2007


Refuse to Accept:

*The unjust state death of Elder and Warrior Harriet Nahanee *Over 500
murdered and missing Indigenous women *Theft and occupation of Indigenous
lands *Child apprehension of Indigenous children *Police, state and
violence and brutality *Abject poverty with thousands Homeless
*Criminalization of dissent

Meet at Grandview Park (at Commercial Drive) at 1pm, March to follow For
more information contact: anti.canada.day@gmail.com

Take Action in your own communities!
Let the AFN collaborator chiefs know they don't represent you!
Let Canada know you reject their program of assault!
Native People rise up and take back the land!

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