Rise Up

pics of last Fridays Mulrunji Solidarity demo, thanks to PC for the pics.

Robbie Thorpe talking up the business

marching to the gubbament

later to you flag wipe of capitalist imperialism

Us Mob

Aotearoa/g20 arrestee Solidarity


Dave Riley said...

More pics

Ana said...

choice one, and here's to Margarita Windisch retracting her vile statements to the corporate media after the g20 last year and her attempt to marginalise anarchists.

No Justice No Peace

"Socialist Alliance was not involved in the violence at G20 demonstrationContrary to claims made by Michael Burd in his letter to the Age (Monday Nov 20) not a single Socialist Alliance member was involved in the senseless violence that took place on Saturday. Neither did the people in white overalls who perpetrated these irresponsible acts carry Socialist Alliance banners. As a matter of fact these people hate socialists.It is also important to point out that this group of people calling themselves 'the arterial block' were not involved in the organising of the actual demonstration - they acted separately and outside the rally and march. Socialist Alliance helped organise the StopG20 rally and was proudly present alongside many other organisations and individuals.It is disappointing that the media focused on a tiny group of individuals who had no political message instead of showing the wonderful 3000 strong crowd which was entirely peaceful. Margarita Windisch"