Pig gets away with murder

Hurley was 'acquitted', but we know who the killers are. No justice on stolen Land.

Police were not neutral in the conflict between settlers and Aboriginal people; instead they provided military reinforcement for the forced expansion of white settlement, thereby presiding over the wholesale destruction of Aboriginal society. The thoroughness of the destruction of Aboriginal life effected with the help of Port Phillip’s police is attested to by the fate of its Native Police Corps.

By the early 1850s, less than twenty years after the first police were sent to the district specifically to deal with the ‘Aboriginal problem’, there were so few Aboriginal people left that not only did the corps no longer have a reason to exist it was no longer even a possibility, there were so few Aboriginal people left (Bridges 1971: 130). Police today continue to aid the destruction of Aboriginal society: Aboriginal people are overpoliced as potential offenders, underserviced as victims of crime, and subject to police brutality (Cunneen 1990a, 1990b, 1990c; HREOC 1991: 79–104; 210–13; Amnesty International 1993).

In 1992 the Aboriginal adviser to the Victoria Police resigned, claiming he was subject to racist jibes and heard constant accounts of physical and verbal abuse of Aboriginal people by police (Age 6 November 1992: 3). Police, with their powerful position in the criminal justice system, are at the forefront of enforcing the racial prejudice of sections of the white community, and most obviously express race relations in practice.


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