MNN, June 28, 2007. Our Indigenous eyes are wide open. That's what
June 29th is about. We know the reality and the legality, in your law
and in ours. We are breaking the chains of colonialism for good. You
can never put them back on us. You never had the moral high road,
including the 401, the old number 2 and the CN. These enterprises and
yourselves are all trespassing on our land.

On June 29th the Indigenous people of Canada are going to be a model
for all of us all over the world. We will act with dignity, confidence
and the assurance that everything we are doing is right. In the end,
the world will see that the Indigenous people everywhere are releasing
ourselves from the shackles of hundreds of years of colonial bondage.

We are standing tall and strong knowing that a great responsibility
has been placed upon us to protect our Mother Earth that we have been
created to cherish. Our actions are for the benefit of the entire
human race. We know our responsibility. We have many friends
everywhere who understand why we are doing what we are doing.

As for you, the colonial oppressor class, you're trapped in the
crumbling concrete world that you created. Your overpasses, your
highways, your hydro and nuclear projects are all temporary blights on
our land. They're falling apart. The corruption, malfeasance and
neglect that are inherent to your way of doing things are now
manifesting themselves. Your atrocities against us and other humans
have to stop. We are reclaiming our lives and everything that is ours.
Tell your Queen that the Australian model of placing Aborigines under
martial law is not going to fly here.

Oppressor class, you have to deal with us as a free people, as the
rightful owners of the unsurrendered jurisdictions.

Phil Fontaine, go ahead and identify yourself with the Canadian
oppressor class. We are not. We never agreed to be Canadians or
British subjects. We never agreed to be forced to live on "reserves"
when all of it is ours. We never agreed to the Indian Act or to any
law the colonists brought here from Britain or France.

Everything is clear to us, that includes our right to the land that
you call "title". You have to treat us with respect for your own
survival. You know now that your way doesn't last. We've been here for
100,000 years. We created a perfect reality which you almost destroyed
in a matter of 140 years. We will not listen to you except when you
ask us how you are going to make amends.

When you arrived, this land was a paradise which we created. You came
as naked robber barons and immediately went into a world of grasping
and greed for our possessions. You hacked down our forests, our nut
trees, our strawberry fields. You said you wanted to make a place to
live and to create a haven for yourselves. You polluted the land, the
rivers and the air so no one can live here, not even you. Your problem
was and still is that we, the original people were created as part of
this world we call Onowarakeh/Turtle Island. We refuse to relinquish
our duties to our mother. So you treated us with the most disgusting
depravity ever created against other human beings.

Now you are having to face those of us who survived your genocidal
plans. We are putting a mirror up to your faces? Look at yourselves,
if you can! We hope you won't get frightened. It certainly is a scary
site. We see fear and loathing behind your masks.

The oppressor class have become fearful because they know they will
have to face up to their actions. They're afraid to live equally with
everyone else. They don't know how to share. Offering us $250 million
for ten years for our land will mostly go to your buddy lawyers,
negotiators and ad agencies to spin the whole deal. A few bucks to
your chosen "Indians" just doesn't cut it either. We can see through
your setup judges making decisions on your claims to our land. How
screwed up can you be?

Are we revealing the nature of the beast and it is you? You can no
longer hide behind that mask as the "peacemakers" of the world. You
are now committing atrocities to others elsewhere just like you did to
us. Your mining and oil exploration companies are wreaking havoc among
indigenous people worldwide. We will resist your investment portfolios
based on undermining us and theft of our possessions. We are going to
try to stop you from benefiting from the proceeds of crime. The
actions of your ancestors and yourselves violate human rights and
international law.

How did your constitution come to defame, defile and corrupt our Great
law, the greatest gift of democracy ever given to mankind?

Are Canadian citizens celebrating "Tax Freedom Day" by giving "only"
50% of their labor to the gluttonous parasites who live off the state
and get paid big salaries for doing as they're told and not doing
anything of worth for the people? We heard that in the feudal days the
peasants gave only a tenth of their earnings.

There was one quick communiqué from the Red-X, who stated from within
the horrible conditions he is presently confined. Simply put, he
uttered to MNN that "Subjugation shall flourish into liberation".

What is it that you're celebrating on Canada Day? Colonial gluttony?
Think about this at that barbecue you're going to have on July 1st.
You're eating the flesh of our brothers, the salmon. As you sink your
jaws into the bloody flesh of your cows, either sliced into steaks or
ground into hamburgers, are you celebrating the genocide of our
kindred buffalo whose spirit had been with us since eternity? Does
your fantasy take flight as you chomp on the bones of the flightless
birds you brought in after you massacred the many beautiful species
that were here? For those vegetarians eating potato salad and tomato
aspic, think about the Indigenous people who developed these foods.

Have the kind of `Day' you deserve as you watch your fireworks pollute
the city sky with yet more smog and smoke. Don't forget to watch the
`schmaltzy Canadian culture" goings-in front of the Gothic limestone
edifices, build on an Algonquin meeting ground, to try to convince
yourselves that you've been here as long as the fossils. Ta-ta.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Indian News

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