MNN. June 24, 2007. In the 1920's there was a failed artist who was bitter about his lack of success in Vienna Austria. He had visions of gaining control over the whole human race. He came up with a scheme and put it into a book called "Main Kampf".

One procedure in Adolph Hitler's plan was to find a "scapegoat" that he could victimize. He planned to wreak havoc upon these people with such brutality and force that it would frighten everyone else in society who would then succumb to his schemes. It worked for a time.

He set up a plan of attack against the Jews, Gypsies and others to frighten Germans into not resisting him. He confiscated their property, took away children from their parents and intimidated them publicly before the German population. The majority of the people dared not oppose him. They allowed themselves to be swallowed up by his delusions. They imagined they were part of a superior race. The more brutal he was to his victims the more the majority of the people idolized him.

Canada is using a new version of this old weapon. We are being branded as sexual perverts or pedophiles or deviants of some sort. By doing this government control mechanisms are being set in place. The social networks such as the Children's Aid Society, police and even the military are becoming involved. We have been seeing the military in the outskirts of Six Nations during the reclamation of our land. The social services are being given more and more power to abduct, grab and remove our children from their families based on the claim that this is "in the best interests of the children".

In Canada there are two frightening aspects. Television shows payouts to Indigenous people almost daily. It gives the general public the impression that natives are always winning the lottery. The public is told that huge amounts are being paid out for having been molested in the past. Sociologists and doctors propagate a myth that anyone who has been molested also becomes a molester.

At the same time they have branded the entire Indigenous population as molesters. Why? Because they are giving money for abuse that happened in the past to our children by church run residential schools. Once Indigenous declare they have been molested and divulge their past, they are put on a computer list where they are branded as "deviants" and encouraged not to have any children. This is really "Genocide Plan B". They will use any pretext to go into Indigenous communities and take away children from parents because that community "has been contaminated by what [what they did to us] happened in the residential schools"!

There is so much assault on Indigenous cultures in Canada. Some indigenous people feel it's a big accomplishment just to keep our children.

Presently there is a public inquiry going on in Cornwall Ontario regarding sexual abuse from the past. The main focus is to show how police and children's protection agencies did not do their job protecting children from the pedophiles. As a result the law is going to be changed.

The Supreme Court of Canada recently sent some of its workers to Cornwall to observe the inquiry. They are going to draft the laws to empower the child welfare agencies, the police and army with the necessary legal power to prevent this kind of holocaust ever happening again. They are going to take children away from families and place them into communal state run agencies like they did in Russia and Germany. These were complete disasters for those societies just like the residential schools were a disaster for us.

We are seeing the implementation of a gigantic totalitarian regime upon Canada. We are the initial scapegoats. They want to so frighten the public that no one will dare stand up to this take over by the totalitarian regime. All of Canadian society should be frightened by this.

In Australia the Howard government is going to implement martial law on the Aborigines to confiscate their lands and property. They also plan to attack those in vulnerable positions like the welfare recipients. The Australians are many steps ahead of Canada in implementing this kind of scheme.

Some of the band council and government established "leadership" among our people are residues from the residential schools molestation program. Some of them are selling out our people.

Another aspect is how all the public inquiries in Canada in the last few years involve Indigenous people. J.J. Harper in Winnipeg, Ipperwash, Royal Commission on Aboriginal People, Saskatchewan police murders of native youth, and the Betty Osborn murder and others. Canadians have spent a fortune studying us without allowing us our jurisdiction. During these inquiries that go on for years, statistics and information are gathered and put into huge documents. They are then dissected and studied to find out the inner workings of our communities.

Prior to the holocaust in Germany, the Gestapo and other secret services gathered information about the blood lines of all Jews, Gypsies and other minorities and the workings of their societies. When the Germans came for these people, they knew who to locate, arrest and send to the concentration camps.

To control a group of people or society the despots take the most vulnerable people. They abuse and mistreat them so badly in front of the public that the entire society becomes frightened. The public becomes paralyzed with fear and can't do anything. It's like the "Stockholm Syndrome", where an abused person gravitates towards their abuser believing they are going to be protected. This is happening on a larger scale. Colonial states are publicly committing atrocities and televising them daily. The victims gravitate towards their abusers thinking they are going to be protected. Actually, the despots will destroy everybody. There is no protection in a totalitarian state. If anyone knows about this, it's those of us who survived.

Is Canada repeating its own history? Are they starting with us and then ending with Canada becoming a totalitarian state? They're going to do this by branding us first as deviants. They will demonize us and then try to destroy us.

These totalitarian schemes are doomed to failure. They have been tried repeatedly throughout history and they always fail. The trouble is that there is huge suffering and loss of life in the process. If Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper does not object to this violation of aboriginal rights and international law, then we will know that he's going their way. We need our friends and allies to object to this immediately.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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