International Statement: Secwepemc Native Youth Movement

NYM Warrior Society, Skwelkekwelt Protection Center, Secwepmec Nation, Annishinabe from Grassy Narrows, Native Elders Council, No-One is Illegal, Anti-Poverty Committee, ; Anti-Olympic Coalition, Unite Voices against Sun Peaks Expansion, New road; the 2010 Olympics.

On Sunday March 18th Skwelkewkwelt Protection Center, Secwepemc Native Youth Movement Warrior Society, Supporters, Allies from many Native Nations, and International Observers Smashed on Sun Peaks Ski-Resort. The Protest and Press Conference was held to let the world know that Secwepemc People will continue to Fight against the illegal development on Un-Surrendered/Un-Ceded Secwepemc Territory. Sun Peaks is presently in the midst of a 294 million dollar destruction (expansion), & is planning new paved highways to go through our hunting grounds, and continue the Genocide of Native Lands & Way of Life. Sun Peaks is also attempting to become a municipality and take all of our Land, as well as making sewage water into snow and dumping shit on our Sacred mountains. Skwelkwelk’welt is the name for our mountains, that Sun Peaks is now destroying. Skwelkwek’welt is our home, It is home to all the animals and plants that we depend on as a Nation of distinct Peoples. This is our Survival.

As the Native Youth Movement of the Secwepemc Nation, we are asking the world, including athletes and tourists, not to come to Canada for the 2010 Olympics. KKKanada has, & continues to commit Genocide on Native People, but our Warriorz will Fight back. We will not sit back, give up, and assimilate. We are not reformist; we cannot be bought off, or fooled into believing the evil Invaders that they care about us or our Land. An NYM Spokesperson Stated: “We will honor the our Ancestors, and the Warrior codes of Geronimo and Crazy Horse that NO One Has A Right to Sell the Land, Water, or Air. We are Secwepemc, we still exist, and continue to survive from the land and our traditional territory, the Western Hemisphere is all Indian Land!

We need the help and support of the world to help stop the destruction of the Land and our way of Life. Nippon Cable Owned by Masayoshi Ohkubu, Nancy Green, Al Raine, Intrewest, Eco-Sign, Re-Max, Century 21, D.I.A “chief” Felix Arnouse, the KKKanadian government & all those who continue to ski & play on our Land are all Collaberators in the Genocide continuing against Native People. We must all Unite our Voices and Actions to Defend Our Land, People, and Way of Life. We Stand in Solidarity with all those Fighting Destruction and Terrorism from these evil devils Worldwide. The Zapatistas, & the newly established camps in Cocapah & and Mayan Territory, the 13 Native Nations fighting against sewage being made into snow and put on San Francisco Peaks(‘Arizona’), Dineh Elders fighting a power Plant(‘New Mexico’), the Sta’timc fighting so Sutikalh will not be turned into a 550 million dollar ski-resort, Lakota and Ponca NYM Warriorz and the many Nations who are Uniting to Protect Bear Butte(‘South Dakota’), the Annicinabe fighting logging in Grassy Narrows (‘Ontario’)the Pitt River People Fighting for Medicine Lake(California), the Thaltan(‘British Columbia’) & the Mayan (‘Guatemala’, ‘Mexico’) fighting mining, the People of Oaxaca, and Atenco(‘Mexico’) and their Warriorz sitting in jail, the People of Six Nations(‘Ontario’) Fighting a rich housing devolpment, the Mapuche(‘Argentina’), the Kuna(‘Panama’), and all those fighting for their very existence. It is one Struggle, we must Unite. Cancel the 2010 Olympics! Boycott Sun Peaks and Whistler! Free Leonard Peltier! Long Live the Zapatistas & all Warrior Societies!

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