From Eagle Ridge to Sutikalh

Harriet resisted the development that threatned her land at Eagle Ridge Bluff. But she also visited other land reclamations and supported her Indigenous allies in their efforts to resist the exploitation on their lands. And as we know the corporation's, government's and VANCOC's appetite and thirst for mega development has not been satisfied yet. They want to carve up the province at an abominal rate, making sure the land is "accomadating" for the hungry visitors that will come in 2010.

On May 2, 2000, members of the St'at'imc nation and their allies established a permanent camp near Melvin Creek, located off Highway 99 between Mt. Currie/Pemberton and Lillooet, in the southern Interior region of BC.

Known as Sutikalh, the St'at'imc winter spirit of the area, the camp was set up to stop government and corporate plans to build a $500 million all-season ski and recreation resort in an untouched Alpine mountain area.

Part of the Cayoosh Moutain Range, the region is a transition zone from the coast to the Interior. It is habitat to Grizzly bears, cougar, bobcat, wolverine, deer, hawks, owls and many other small animals. It also contains one of the largest herds of Mountain Goats now remaining in North America.

The area has been occupied and used by the St'at'imc for as long as 10,000 years, following the retreat of the last glacial period which carved out the steep-sided valleys and jagged mountain tops.

Along with food gathering, the area was also used by shamans, who went to the mountains for purification, spiritual renewal and training. These traditions continue to be practised today at Sutikalh, where people come to gather foods, medicines, pure fresh water, and to participate in cultural and spiritual activities.

To this day the area remains unceded, unsurrendered St'at'imc territory, in which neither Canada nor BC have legal or moral authority to govern, claim territory or even carry out business.

That both levels of government continue to impose their authority is a violation of Canada's own laws and its highest courts (i.e., the 1763 Royal Proclamation and, to a lesser extent, the 1997 Delgamuukw Supreme Court Decision).

Ugly people wreck havoc on other peoples lives, Beautiful people resist.

Ski resorts and shopping malls are morgues.
Resist the opprssion, resist the atrocities this May:

Sutikalh 7 Year Anniversary Gathering

Come to Sutikalh camp on Saturday May 5, 2007 to celebrate 7 years
of resistance & sovereignty against a proposed ski resort in
St'at'imc territory.

Camp is located off Hwy. 99 midway between Mt. Currie & Lillooet.
camping gear if you plan on staying weekend (sleeping bag, tent if you
it, etc.)

For more info contact:
Rosalin Sam 604-894-2400 sutikalh2003@telus.net
Ramona Joe 604-894-2462

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