DNA test confirms identities of 16/11 deaths

By Radio Tonga News
Apr 13, 2007, 20:13

Police have just received confirmation from D-N-A experts in Australia on the identities of six bodies who perished when Shoreline/Tonfon head office in Nuku'alofa burned down during the riots of last November.

And one more body was also discovered as one of the duo earlier presumed to be missing.

Acting commander of police, Taniela Faletau told Radio Tonga News late this afternoon that they have just received the confirmation following D-N-A tests in Australia - and they've just informed the respective families of the deceased today.

That's after five months from the riots of November 16th, 2006.

According to Faletau, the latest confirmation put at eight the number of people who perished at Shoreline office, who are all male.

The youngest is 13 year old 'Iteni Kauvaka, who was earlier presumed to have been missing.

Police had appealed to the nation for any information on the whereabouts of Kauvaka and another man, who was found to be in Ha'apai.

Authorities initially said that nine people were missing following the 16/11 riots. But according to Faletau, they have now confirmed that eight of the nine have died while the person who was in Ha'apai was the ninth person.

Of the eight deaths, two were previously identified.

Acting commander Taniela Faletau, expresses on behalf of the Honourable Minister of Police and the Ministry, his gratitude for all the assistance from the public during the course of their investigations on the 16/11 riots, and for the help of the Australian government in identifying the remains.

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