Yorta Yorta homelands are at risk of further damage....

Yorta Yorta homelands are at risk of further damage....

More than one hundred thousand Red Gum trees along the Murray River are
at risk of being destroyed and turned into railway-line sleepers to
upgrade the Mildura railway line in Victoria. Precious, fragile River
Red Gum wetlands covering over 20,000 hectares will be destroyed in the

It is a tragic, unnecessary and ill-considered waste - evidence shows
that concrete sleepers have a much lower greenhouse impact, last three
times as long, and cost much less.

The Victorian Premier Steve Bracks' Government is set to sign contracts
by the end of April 2007 for the supply of the Red Gum sleepers (some
300,000 sleepers in total) to upgrade the Mildura railway corridor in
Victoria. However, most of the sleepers will come from irreplaceable
Red Gum wetlands on both public and private lands in NSW.

The logging of River Red Gum forests in NSW is potentially illegal, with
various green groups investigating legal options to challenge the

Please click on the link to send an email to Bracks and Iemma. It'll
take you two seconds. (Simply type over my details as I believe they are
still in the link).



"Restoring to us what is rightfully ours"

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