Coming Out as a G20 Arrestee

Sina Brown-Davis, one of the G20 arrestees, will be holding a forum at the Melbourne Social Forum on indigenous resistance to globalisation in the Pacific. The issues presented in this forum are intricately related to resistance to the G20 last year, and to APEC in the coming months.


I was arrested and charged last year with offenses related to the G20 protests in Melbourne. I've found the best way(for me) to deal with whats going on is to be focused on my politic and the indignation I feel at exploitation and injustice in our own communities, Australia, our region and the world. Its not as if the wheels of Globalisation have stopped rolling or anything.



Jointly organised by the Ongoing G20 Solidarity Network and Civil Rights Defense.

Thursday 26 April


Fitzroy Town Hall Reading Room, cnr Napier and Moor St, entry off Napier St

Speakers include: Marcus Bankse from Austudy 5, Civil Rights Defense, Orgasn, and others.

Melbourne Social Forum

WORKSHOP SCHEDULE - April 21st - 22nd

There are 52 workshops running at the Melbourne Social Forum this
weekend, a reflection of the breadth and depth of commitment of the
various community leaders and pioneers, groups and organisations in
Melbourne. We thank all the groups and people who have decided to
participate in this years social forum.

Workshops this year range across a diversity of themes, including:

- Responding to the climate crisis
- Creating sustainable and public transport
- Social and Political transformations in Latin America
- Australias role in the Pacific
- Indigenous rights, sovereignty and reconciliation
- Alternative education, thinking and learning
- Re-localisation, biodiversity and food
- Non-violent accompaniment and direct action
- Making corporations accountable
- Grassroots Online Video Distribution
- International Solidarity Campaigns

The program is online and it is really inspiring in its diversity and
substantiveness. Have a look at the program:
This is only the short version, the long one will be available

Or check the website for detailed descriptions for each workshop in
the following link


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