Whenua Rangatiratanga

Ngati Haua people from WhangapeFor over 14 years, Ngati Haua people from Whangape (this site has a series of very informative videos) have been fighting for the return of their sacred maunga (mountain) Whakakoro. Ngata Haua, a hapu of Ngapuhi, are occupying their ancestral Maunga Whakakoro to stop it from being alienated from the hapu forever.

Matiu Treblecock says "We have been fighting to have this land returned to us, Ngati Haua for many years. It Began 14 years ago, now foreigners want to sell this land". It is for this reason that Ngati Haua families are coming together this week to occupy the land. Click here to read an incredibly useful newsletter detailing why this is an issue that should concern not only those of Ngapuhi decent but anyone who believes in supporting indigenous self-determination and customary land title.

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