Winona LaDuke speaks on Genetic Engineering, Biodiversity and Decentralization

Winona LaDuke speaks on Genetic Engineering, Biodiversity and Decentralization: A view from the Native American. 2003

"Across the continent, on the shores of small tributaries, in the shadows of sacred mountains, on the vast expanse of the prairies, or in the safety of the woods, prayers are being repeated, as they have for thousands of years, and common people with uncommon courage and the whispers of their ancestors in their ears continue their struggles to protect the land and water and trees on which their very existence is based. And like small tributaries joining together to form a mighty river, their force and power grows. This river will not be dammed."

--"Like Tributaries to a River"

Voices from the Gaps http://voices.cla.umn.edu/vg/Bios/entries/laduke_winona.html

During her talk, Winona speaks about the following issues and organizations:

Honor The Earth: a voice for the earth... a voice for those not heard www.honorearth.org

California Interfaith Power and Light: Our faith, our planet, our responsibility - a religious response to global warming www.interfaithpower.org

Save Wild Rice: Protecting Wild Rice from Genetic Engineering www.savewildrice.org

NativeEnergy: Supporting and building new renewable energy projects www.nativeenergy.com

White Earth Land Recovery Project www.nativeharvest.com

Black Mesa Trust www.blackmesatrust.org

Black Mesa Indigenous Support www.blackmesais.org

Black Mesa Water Coalition www.blackmesawatercoalition.org

The Gwich'in Steering Committee: Formed in 1988 in response to increasing threats to open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to leasing for oil. www.gwichinsteeringcommittee.org

Glen Canyon Institute: Dedicated to restoring a healthy Colorado River through Glen Canyon www.glencanyon.org

National Resources Defense Council: The Earth's Best Defense www.nrdc.org

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Frank Partisan said...

Winona would have been a good vice-president. She ran for office as partner to ralph Nader.

Ana said...

To me Winona is an intellectual and articulate Indigenous women warrior, I have much respect for her, she is a testament to her people.