Walking the Land - for Our Ancient Right For Peace and Healing

john Howard has a nuclear vision for Australia and slave labour support lifting the ban on uranium mining.I will be focused on the peoples whose lands are torn apart from uranium mining and to never forget that nuclear bombs have been "tested" here and elsewhere in the Pacific. Found this old bulletin from Uncle Kevin enjoy.FYI, if ya don't know the pic is Uncle reclaiming the Emu & the kangaroo from the High Court of Australia. Respect. Always Was Always Will be Aboriginal Land !!!!

2 October 2000

In this Bulletin:

Statement to Australia and the world given by Kevin Buzzacott on Friday September 29, near Kirribilli House, Sydney. A copy was handed to a representative of John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia.


From the ancient authority, ancient voices and ancient spirit, this is a message to the world from the place we call Australia, from the ancient government of this land.
We, the black people, the original people of this country, do not recognize John Howard and his government since arriving here 212 years ago from a foreign country named England. You, John Howard, and your government have failed to recognize our human rights issues. You yourself Mr Prime Minister, you can't even say sorry for the crimes your ancestors have done. You couldn't even begin that peace talk that we've invited you to, to come to our peace fire to begin a peace talk. You and your government in 212 years have simply failed.

The Government talks about a treaty. Before it even can talk about a treaty, there needs to be a cease fire. That means lay down your guns and your ammunition and your corrupt legislations.

Before the games finish and other countries participating in the games are going back to their countries, John Howard should lead his people back to their country as well, and leave us in peace. John Howard has failed our invitation to come and make peace.
We are calling on the world to support our statements. We're also calling on international bodies and the United Nations to support us.

On Wednesday 20th September, 2000 we have planted the flag on top of Cook's planting of his flag, and it symbolises we are taking our land back.

I am calling on all black people, leaders and elders to support this ancient request for all peace. The good white people have shown their respect and support to us and made peace. They are free to stay with us and to negotiate or to talk, to begin peace talks and to begin talks of the government, the real government of this country. The Queen, Elizabeth II, should use all her powers to remove her government, the Crown, from this country immediately, and take them all back to her country.

I call on all my brother and sister countries in the world to support me.

I, Kevin Buzzacott, Arabunna elder, leader and peacemaker, call on John Howard to resign immediately as Prime Minister of Australia. To dismantle his government immediately.



Britain actively used Australian soil and people to conduct it's nuclear testing program during the 1950s and 1960s. The 5 areas it conducted the tests are at Monte Bello Islands in north-western Western Australia (just off the mainland, near Monkey Mia); Emu Field in north-western South Australia; the infamous Maralinga in south-western South Australia; Christmas Island and Malden Island, both due south of Hawaii, on either side of the Equator. After the Grapple series of tests, the British lent the site to the US in 1962 for the Dominic series of 25 explosions.

Britain detonated its first nuclear device, Hurricane, on Monte Bello Island on October 3, 1952, followed by tests on May 16 and June 19, 1956. The June blast had a 60 kiloton capacity. At one monitoring point, over 3,200 kilometres to the east, radioactive iodine concentrations increased a hundredfold.

Two further atomic bomb tests, Totem 1 and 2, were carried out at Emu Field on October 15 and 27, 1953. The next series of atomic bomb tests were carried out at Maralinga between September 27, 1956 and October 9, 1957, along with a series of "minor" trials up to 1963. The Grapple series of tests were undertaken at Malden and Christmas Islands May 15, 1957, to September 23, 1958.

During the mainland tests many army personnel were deliberately exposed to the blasts just to see what effect radiation had on troops. Security at the test sites was lax. The testing range boundaries were not properly monitored, allowing people to walk in and out. Any signs were in English, which the local Aboriginal population could not read. Fallout from the ground blasts led to massive contamination of the Australian interior. The fallout from Maralinga even reached Adelaide and Melbourne. Some places are still heavily radioactive due principally to the presence of 20 kg of plutonium, the most toxic element known to humans.

Maralinga is Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal dialect for "Field of Thunder". Aborigines may have been directly affected by the blasts. Compensation is currently being sought in Australian courts.


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Yazzah. We mob never ask them come here, dig uranium, go nuclear, make all this trouble with brother sister in Middle East and Asia. All non-Australians (non-Aborigines) should consider leaving Australia if no behave properly.