Uncle Kevin Buzzacott

Congratulations go to Kevin Buzzacott, who was today announced the winner of the Australian Conservation Foundation's 2007 Peter Rawlinson environment award for his work in highlighting the impacts of the Olympic Dam uranium mine.

"An Arabunna man with traditional custodial responsibilities for the area around Lake Eyre in northern South Australia, Kevin Buzzacott has drawn attention to the environmental, social and cultural impacts of the massive Olympic Dam uranium mine." (www.acfonline.org.au)

I have, over the last 10 or more, been present at many events with Uncle Kev, from Roxstop to the first ever Global Greens conference to parties in suburban Melbourne. On several occasions had the honor to record on video his words and actions as he spreads the word on the environmental and cultural destruction that the Roxby mine has brought to Arabunna Land and People.

This 5 minute video is just a small sample of those events that I put together this morning, to pay tribute to Uncle Kevs work and his ongoing fight. They are from: Earthdream 2000’s Reclaim the Streets action at Roxby Downs; from FoE’s 2006 Radioactive Exposure Tour and Kev’s welcome and performance at Roxstop, 1997.

BHP Billiton, the mines current owner, is undertaking a feasibility study that could see the mines output more than double, making it the largest uranium mine in the world.
To find out more reasons why we should be closing Roxby down, not enlarging it see Friends of the Earth or Australian Conservation Foundation's anti-nuc pages.

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NO Nukes said...

Is this the same Pip Starr who "died" a few years back ?

If so was it murder ?

Please email nonukesa@gmail.com with any details on intimidation harassment criminal assault directed against anti-nuclear anti-war folks.

I interviewed Dr. Kevin Buzzacott a while back to find out if he was given something to cause his bladder cancer and he was unsure. He said it could have been "rough living" and bladder cancer is often caused by smoking and drinking White Poison (alcohol).