Protest Against Invasion Of Aboriginal Communities

Saturday, 14 July 2007, 12:23 pm
Press Release: ImagineNative
Auckland Protest Against The Invasion Of Aboriginal Communities And Children

The white Australian Government have a long and dark history of treating Indigenous peoples like animals has been furthered by their current invasion of Aboriginal communities with military force and their advocating of compulsory invasive medical testing for all Aboriginal children.

ImagineNative Action is a newly established group committed to building solidarity between Indigenous and marginalised communities in Aotearoa and globally for the defense of our land and people against racism and exploitation.

Spokesperson Te Kanikani Tangata Hara said "We call on the people of Aotearoa to gather together in solidarity with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters in Occupied Australia by coming to the rally and march on the 14 th of July starting at Britomart and going to the Australian consulate to show Aboriginal peoples that we stand in solidarity with them. We hope to lift the spirits of the people and strengthen their resolve."

Spokesperson Te Kanikani Tangata Hara said "John Howard does not care about the well being of Aboriginal children or communities; if he did then why has he taken away funding for health and social programs in Aboriginal communities? Howard's true objective is to destroy the Aboriginal people's will to resist colonisation and alienate their land in order to exploit the land economically through mining and nuclear waste dumps."

John Howard is blatantly lying about the motives behind his action which this fact summary clearly shows:
§ In fact, substantiated cases of child abuse against Northern Territory Aboriginal children in 2005-06 were proportionately less than the rest of the population, constituting 19% of the total, whilst Aboriginal people make up 29% of the Territory population.
§ 75% of Aboriginal Men never or rarely drink - compared to 87% of white Australian men who drink regularly.
§ Majority of communities are dry – alcohol free by their own choice. Those that are not have severely restricted sales of liquor.
§ Community run social and health programs have been closed or progressively under-funded by the Howard colonial government
§ A lot of pedophilia is perpetrated by white mine workers who trade alcohol & petrol to vulnerable Aboriginals for access to children.
§ All Aboriginal children under 16 forced to undergo invasive medical testing – this involves anal/vaginal examination and penetration – despite fact this constitutes assault under Australian colonial law
§ There are no troops invading white Australian homes where children are abused & neglected.
§ Since 1995 over a half dozen prior reports similar to Little Children Are Sacred have been ignored.
§ Two mining companies have already submitted applications to significantly expand their operations into Aboriginal lands.
§ This year John Howard is behind in the polls.



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