Indigenous activists face police at roadblock

for immediate release
July 2, 2:45 pm

Indigenous activists face police at roadblock

First Nations activists are continuing the days of action with a
blockade in Saanichton at this hour. Around 30 people are risking
arrest on West Saanich Road between Stelly's Road and Mt. Newton Cross
Road. (See map link below).

Members of the Tsartlip Band, other First Nations and their supporters
are preventing traffic from passing as they protest injustice against
native people.

"This is an action in solidarity with other First Nations across
Canada," Victoria activist Rose Henry said by phone at 2:30 pm Monday.
"We are tired of the poor living standards, tired of poverty, tired of
having no housing, and tired of the treaty process."

"The police are here now. More police are arriving," Henry said. She
requests supporters bring friends to help and bear witness, water,
banners, and other supplies for the protest. Henry said the protest
will go on until 5:30 pm today, assuming police don't move to break it
up before then.

Contact: Rose Henry 250-812-0199 cell

ZoeBlunt (at) gmail.com

earth_first (at) resist.ca

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