Palestinian protester shot in the head with a rubber bullet

Bil’in’s Friday protest saw over 300 Palestinian, Israeli and international supporters march towards the Israeli Apartheid Wall. As soon as the protesters were in sight of the Israeli soldiers, the latter began shooting a rain of tear gas and rubber bullets towards the protesters. Nevertheless, the demonstrators managed to regroup numerous times at different points, always getting closer to the wall.

The excessive firing of tear gas resulted once more in numerous fires among the olive trees. Despite the tear gas, some protesters and villagers rushed to extinguish the flames, using branches and their feet to beat and flames.

At least seven were injured, including a Palestinian young man who was hit in the head by a rubber bullet from only a few meters away. The youth was carried to the ambulance and taken to the Ramallah hospital, where he is still hospitalized. Two Israeli activists were hit by a tear gas canister, one in the face and another in the arm, from very close range.

Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW)


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Yassmin Moor, Live from Palestine, 23 July 2007

I first learned of my grandparents' home being demolished
a few months after it actually happened in October 2003.
Rafah was besieged by the Israeli army at that time and
phone calls to Gaza were nearly impossible. Al-Brazil
housing project was hit especially hard because it was
alongside the Gaza-Egypt border. I remember I was driving
to school in Pennsylvania when my mother called to tell
me. She was very calm, and reported it to me like she
reported every other piece of news that came out of Gaza.
I could not comprehend what she was saying.


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