Anarchism and the Black Revolution, Cuban Anarchism and African Anarchism

Illvox.org is a website that exists for two reasons: --- 1. This site is a
recently created mirror for the documents formerly housed on illegalvoices.org, associated by many with the Anarchist People of Color movement. These archives include notes from the 2003 APOC conference; online editions of the books Anarchism and the Black Revolution, Cuban Anarchism and African Anarchism; APOC articles; and archives of the Onward newspaper. Illvox.org exists to make those documents available to interested parties.

---- 2. This site contains newer writings on matters of race, culture, gender and their intersections with anarchism, autonomism, social libertarianism, anarchist communism, primitivism, socialism, communism and a variety of tendencies within the anti-authoritarian milieu. Most of the writings are by people of color, but some are not. Illvox further exists to provide newer thinking and support discussion about the issues raised by people of color in relation to essential matters in these movements.

Illvox.org does not replace illegalvoices.org and is not affiliated with APOC. It is intended to provide access to documents for/by/of
this important anti-authoritarian tendency, and to support discussion.

What happened to illegalvoices.org? Although no one is exactly certain, the most informed guess is that a technical collective took over the site in 2005 and, due to issues, the domain was lost to what is presumably a domain sale site

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