Stop the Genocide On Stolen Aboriginal Land

Was fierce today, Aboriginal, Maori, Mohawk, Sioux & Mapuche Thunder, these racist regimes they are going down.

No Justice On Stolen Land
No Justice No Peace

Awesome day today, more pics and video & report to come, check out the pics then read the corporate spin, alot more than 30 people more like 300 to 500 there today, as pc's pics & video attest to.

If the bastards thought they could steam roll their agenda/s through the Pacific and that we would 'roll over' they were sorely mistaken.

Kia Kaha Tatou

A mass rally was held in Melbourne on Saturday 14 July, 12:30 pm, as part of an International Day of Action in opposition to the government's escalation of attacks on Indigenous communities and the denial of justice for Mulrunji and other Indigenous people who have been killed in police custody...
This rally was part of an International Day of Action, with rallies being held in cities across Australia as well as solidarity rallies across the world. See

Always Was Always Will Be Kulin Nations Land


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