Blockades against the empire & an anarchist conference

Come to Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland in September

'In sum, we are an army of dreamers, and therefore invincible. How can we fail to win, with this imagination overturning everything. Or rather, we do not deserve to lose.'
- Subcomandante Marcos

Kia ora,

Between the 9th and 11th of September, 2007, Auckland will host the second annual "United States New Zealand Partnership Forum". We intend to protest and if possible shut down this forum and disrupt the related activities and events. Boasting that this event will feature, "the largest and most senior American delegation of business and other opinion leaders that has ever visited New Zealand" that are coming with the sole aim of tightening their grip economically, socially and politically over Aotearoa, the Asia-Pacific region and the world.

The forum may even play host to George W. Bush or Condoleeza Rice and provide these warmongers, terrorists and imperialists with another photo-op for them to beat chests, wave flags and talk up their global wars of terror.

The A Space Inside anarchist collective will be providing the space and helping to facilitate and coordinate a broad anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist resistance to the conference and also to host a conference for anarchists and anti-state communists to network, coordinate and organise.

1. Blockades Against the Empire - SHUT DOWN THE NZ-US PARTNERSHIP FORUM
2. Organise for resistance -AN ANARCHIST CONFERENCE



The agenda of this forum seeks to bind us tighter into the U.S. empire, turning Aotearoa into a suburb of North America and aims for closer cooperation between the two nations in enforcing their regime of economic and political neo-colonialism throughout the Pacific while arranging on the most effective ways to divide the spoils of their extortion in the Pacific-control over natural resources, disposable workers and puppet governments.

It's in their interests if our state's foreign policy is controlled from Washington, so U.S. and NZ corporations can continue to pillage the Pacific, from oil and natural gas in Timor Leste to old-growth timber in the Solomon Islands to precious minerals stolen from the people of West Papua. Clark and Bush provide unhesitant support for the butchers and oppressors of the Pacific. They always have and always will. Whether it be Indonesia's occupation of the Papua or New Zealand’s military intervention to suppress the pro-democracy movement in Tonga.

They say that this is their Pacific. We say no it isn't. This Pacific isn't theirs no matter how many indigenous people they murder, how much land they steal, how many laws they pass and how many lies they tell.

Bit by bit, island by island, we will stop Clark and Bush and Howard in the Pacific. We will stop their free trade area of the Pacific, their increased surveillance and repression, their policies of unending industrial expansion and pollution that fills our oceans with garbage and destroys the precious and fragile eco-systems where we live.

In 2006, anti-militarists held a successful daylong blockade of the Weapons Conference when it was held in Wellington. This year, we must disrupt the meeting of those who seek to exploit, oppress and sideline us in their search for profits. It will be another step in the endless resistance to capitalism, ecological destruction and colonialism in the Pacific that we must all be part of.

A Space Inside anarchist collective and social centre will host preparations for the blockades in the days before the conference and we invite all those who want a future that is anti-capitalist, ecologically sustainable and guided by recognition of indigenous peoples right to self-determination to come to Auckland to take part in the blockades.

We need people to come out in the streets and tell the world that we refuse their capitalist, colonialist, ecologically destructive agenda in the Pacific and we stand in solidarity with all those who rise up against their empire, whether in Iraq or West Papua, in Tonga or Haiti. Our intention is to mobilise against their system and to blockade the meeting where they hope to plan, design and synchronise systems of control and exploitation they want to impose on the rest of humanity.

We refuse this new world disorder.
Shut them down. Before it's too late.


2. ORGANISE FOR RESISTANCE- “Anarchism is Organising”

In the weekend before the conference we will host an anarchist conference entitled, "Anarchism is Organising". We will host it either at our social centre or if numbers require a suitable marae or hall. We hope this conference will provide a catalyst and incubator for the growth of anarchist organisation, networking and coordination on a variety of projects and campaigns from ecological defence and indigenous solidarity, to anti-imperialist, gender/sexuality and workplace organising. We also hope this conference will provide a space for people to formulate strategy and tactics as well as to better organise the anarchist movement in Aotearoa.

We welcome those who would like a space at the conference to discuss contemporary anarchist tactics and strategy; to reflect on the movements successes and failures in the past; for the emerging network of anarcho-syndicalists and anarchists involved in worker struggles to organise themselves; for anarchists involved in environmental campaigns, community resistance and horizontal solidarity and all other efforts that anarchists in Aotearoa are involved or want to be involved in to chart a way forward against capitalism and the state.

We also want, at the least, to establish a loose organisation of anarchists in Aotearoa to function as a communication network, as a forum for theoretical discussion and practical coordination and to spread anarchist and anti-state communist ideas.

Thus we invite interested participants to email us with contributions, writings, rants, articles, poetry, art, historical accounts, personal recollections and all their wildest dreams and hopes for anarchism in Aotearoa for inclusion in a conference reader that will be circulated for discussion and reflection at (and before via the internet) the conference.

We also would like people to email us with workshop, discussion and conference proposals and to let us know if they would be interested in leading a discussion, workshop or skill share.

We hope to assist people to find safe and comfortable accommodation in Auckland for the duration of the conference and blockades so email us if you will require a place to stay.
Important Dates

August 8 Deadline for conference reader submissions

August 15 Deadline for workshop and conference agenda proposals

September 7-9 “Anarchism is Organising” – an anarchist conference

September 10-11 Disruption of US-NZ Partnership Forum


In Struggle and Solidarity,

A Space Inside

An Anarchist Collective in Tamaki Makaurau



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