Tane Mahuta

This Kauri is a living memory of the ancient Kauri forests that covered the length and breadth of Te Tai Tokerau, and was mowed down (for profit) by the same old land thieving, colonising bastards.

Kauri once covered 1.6 million hectares (4 million acres) in the northern half of the North Island, extending as far south as Raglan on the west coast, and just past Tauranga on the east coast. There is no indication that they have ever grown naturally in other parts of the country. After rampant destruction of kauri forests from logging, fire, and clearing for pastural grazing, the area has shrunk to a mere 7,000 hectares (18,000 acres)
The extent of kauri logging is shown by Kauri Timber Company operations from 1896 to 1903, when 267 million super feet of timber was milled. This was part of the greatest surge of production that severely depleted forests. After 1907 production was dramatically reduced




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