Pacific Women

Pacific Women laid the ground work as far as "militant" politics go the the pacific, they spawned this organization which was very active in the Pacific int he 70's & 80's http://www.pcrc.org.fj/index.cfm?go=main.root that being the Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific movement.

I've been lucky in my life to have gotten to know Titiwhai Harawira & Hana Jackson (Te Hemara) Hanna is no longer with us. They are inspiring and a much need voice today in our community.

Issues with Aboriginal peoples and the people of our region should geographically form the basis of alot of support and struggle in Australia,alot a work has to be done to break that colonial/settler mind set in regards to all the indigenous peoples in the pacific.

Here's a link to another woman (Kanaka Maoli-Hawaiian) and a heartfelt speech she gave about globilization in the Pacific, MILILANI TRASK is the last speaker in the video of this seminar.

noho ora mai


Indigenous Peoples' Resistance to Economic Globalization: A Celebration of Victories, Rights and Cultures:


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