Change The Political Climate Turn up the Heat!

Kia ora tataou

I'll be doing a workshop at this years Melbourne Social Forum, hope to see and korero with you there.

The 3rd Melbourne Social Forum will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 20th, 21st and 22nd of April 2007. This year's theme is "CHANGE THE POLITICAL CLIMATE: TURN UP THE HEAT!"

The mission of the Melbourne Social Forum is to create open public spaces to discuss, share and act on ideas for sustainable social and ecological justice. To do this the MSF hosts events, in public and on-line, which bring together progressive individuals and groups from within civil society in the Melbourne area and beyond. The Melbourne Social Forum is a dynamic open space for addressing the 21st century's most pressing local and global challenges: fair trade, labour rights, environmental sustainability, global peace and human rights issues.


Whenua, Fenua, Enua, Vanua: Indigenous resistance to Globalization in the Pacific

Organisation: S.I.S.I.S (Settlers in Support of Indigenous Sovereignty)
Facilitator(s): Sina Ana Brown-Davis (Te Roroa, Te Uri o Hau, Fale Ula, Vava’u)
"Australia and NZ remained unrepentant for their brutal suppression of indigenous independence movements in the Pacific. They rationalized such behaviour as enhancing the welfare of the Islands and the human development of their people – just as they justified similar behaviour towards indigenous peoples in their own countries."

The settler gubbaments of OZ & NZ are forcing a neo-liberal economic agenda on the nations of the Pacific, for 21 years the settler gubbaments of OZ, NZ, Canada, & the US have blocked (and will continue to block) the passage of the DRIP (Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples) though the UN. Things such as these and ancestral rights & treaties are meaningless in the face of economic and "security arrangements", which do nothing more than open up our region for the outflow of capital, (land, people, natural resources), evolutionary processes have run their course and the time for re- asserting a Nuclear free & independent Pacific has come.


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