Those Iron Gates of Prison

Karar Oi Louho Lopat

by Kazi Nazrul Islam (1889-1976)

Destroy those iron gates of prison,
Demolish the blood-stained stony altars
Of chain worshipping!
O youthful Israfil,
Blow your horn of universal cataclysm!
Let the flag of destruction
Rise amidst the rubble of prison walls
Of the East!!
Play the music of the festival of Shiva !
Who's the master? Who's the king?
Who is it that gives punishment
Having snatched away the truth which free and open?
Ha! Ha! Ha! It's a laugh—
God is to be hanged?
Who gives this nasty lesson?
O you forgetful mad guys —
Shake — shake the prisons
With your forceful cataclysmic pulls!
Send the call of Ali the bravest,
Play your war-drums—
Call the Death
Unto the Life!
There, the norwester is dancing—
Would you mind to pass the days doing nothing?
Let's see
You shake up the foundation
Of that terrible prison.
Kick - break the locks!
All those prisons—
Set them on fire,
Burn them down, uproot them forever!

thanks to the “Marxists Internet Archive”

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