New Caledonia's USTKE on strike in protest at arrest of its leader

Posted at 01:39 on 21 November, 2007 UTC

The Union for Exploited and Kanak Workers, or USTKE, in New Caledonia is on a 24-hour strike in response to the arrest of its leader.

Gerard Jodar has been detained over two incidents of alleged union

A USTKE union spokesperson, Pierre Chauvat, says the arrest was unfair
and it has called for a one-day strike as a response.

"We are today marching and rallying to ask France to apply human
rights and also to defend the way that unions are struggling for the
defense of the workers."

Pierre Chauvat says about 3,000 people have stopped work and are
marching to the French high commission building in Noumea to show
their support for Mr Jodar



Frank Partisan said...

Really interesting post.

Your blog serves an important role, making news of struggles that are important, but not given publicity they deserve.

Ana said...

Kia ora Comrade

I'm trying to get hold of my comrades there, would like to see the union movements here and in NZ get behind these workers but I'm not holding my breath, Kanaky is special to me because they have always tied their anti colonialism to anti capitalism.


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