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20 yr Black Youth,
executed by OPD on 9-20-07

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On Sept 20, 2007, while 100.000 racial Justice activists and families
were marching in Jena, Gary King, Jr., 20 Yr, AfriKan American Youth,
was randomly singled out by Oakland PD rogue cop, Patrick Gonzales, put in
a headlock, punched, tortured (tasered 7 times) until he managed to get away from
his assailant who then shot him twice at close range in the back, in front
of his horrified friends, who had gone to buy chips and sodas with Gary at a
nearby corner store.

This is not Gonzalez first killing (3) (+ permanent disabling of a 17
yr. Youth), all AfriKan Americans young Brothers......

~ Let's put this sinister crazed cop behind bars for good! ~

Check out the Block Report's interviews on KPFA Flashpoints (archives)
with Gary's father and Davey D's interviews with eye witnesses, also on

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Out of respect for Gary Jr family, we respectfully ask you to limit
your postings to Gary Jr' s case, and related news.

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Justice4GaryKingJr. related events on our calendar and message link)

Everyone's welcome From: Friends of Jonathan Paul
Date: October 31, 2007 6:56:29 PM EDT
Subject: Update on Jonathan Paul

Early this morning Jonathan was interviewed by Amy
Goodman on Democracy Now. You can read the
transcript at http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=07/10/31/145201

At approximately 1:45 this afternoon, Jonathan
reported to FCI Phoenix accompanied by his sisters,
Caroline and Alexandra. He was informed that he would
be in the Annex for awhile and would not be able to
call out for a couple of weeks. They would not let
him bring in important legal documents, nor commissary
money which he had been told he could bring. They
also told me the commissary money I sent in earlier
would not be credited to his account because he wasn't
in custody yet. Kind of a pain, but easily remedied,
which I will take care of tomorrow.

One guard actually told Jonathan and his sisters that
FCI Phoenix seems like a camp compared to other medium
security facilities in the country. I guess we will
just have to wait and see. Jonathan walked in strong,
with his head held high and in good spirits. As
Jonathan told me just before he went in - "this is way
bigger than us, this is for the animals and the
planet, we will never suffer as much as they do."

The first month is usually the toughest, so please
write to Jonathan often. Feel free to post this far
and wide. Jonathan has been a great warrior for the
animals and the environment for over 20 years. Let's
not forget him now! And please remember to keep
Jonathan's co-defendant's and other political
prisoners. As a photographer, Jonathan is very
visual, so he would love to get photos. You don't
have to print them on photo paper, you can just insert
them in a letter (if you are typing it on your

Jonathan Paul
FCI Phoenix
Federal Correctional Institution
37910 N 45th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85086
Please feel free to contact Jonathan's support group
at friendsofjonathanpaul@yahoo.com or e-mail me
directly at tamidrake@wildblue.net. If you are
interested in organizing a fundraiser or a letter
writing event, please let us know.

We plan to get a support website up for Jonathan very

Here are some guidelines for writing: (We've taken
this from Daniel's support website - thanks to
Daniel's support group for these comprehensive

When sending a letter, it's best to keep it simple.
Write or type on blank notebook or copy paper no
bigger than 8.5x11 and don't use any special colored
or gel pens or pencils, stamps, or stickers. Don't
write anything on the outside or inside of the
envelope except the prisoner's address and your full
name and return address in the upper left hand corner
of the addressed side of the envelope. Use plain white
envelopes without a clear plastic address window, or
any special decorations. Most prisons also REQUIRE a
return address on the envelope.

Please take a minute to read the following VERY
IMPORTANT guidelines.

- Write on both sides of the paper, since the number
of pages he can have may be limited. It is also
totally acceptable to type your letters. More will fit
on a page.
- Write your address inside your letter/card if you
think he does not have it, but DO NOT put an address
label anywhere inside or on the letter/card. Address
labels are ONLY OK to go on your envelope.
- Do NOT send him stamps, envelopes (self-addressed or
otherwise), blank paper or notecards. He will not be
able to receive them and he will be denied your
- Do NOT send him any form of currency, whether cash,
check or money order.
- Do NOT send photographs larger than 4x6. Do not send
polaroids and make sure the content is appropriate.
- Do NOT include any paperclips, staples or any extra
things in your letter.
- Do NOT send a card that has glitter or any 3-D
objects in or on it.
- Do NOT send cards with paper inserts glued in them.
- Do NOT tape your envelope shut.
- Do NOT ever write "legal mail" or anything implying
that you are an attorney unless you are
- Please use your common sense; don't write about
anything that is likely to get a prisoner in trouble
in any way.

Jonathan will not receive the envelope your letter is
mailed in, so write your return address and full name
in the letter as well. Also, number the pages like
"1/5, 2/5,3/5..." so that a prisoner can tell if some
pages are missing.
If you send Jonathan a letter and it gets returned to
you, please let us know about it so we can add any
other restrictions to the guideline list.
Please do NOT send in any books to Jonathan yet. We
are in the process of getting a system going for him
to receive books.

Jonathan's co-defendants:

Daniel McGowan
FCI Sandstone
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 1000
Sandstone, MN 55072

Nathan Block #36359-086
FCI Lompoc
Federal Correctional Institution
3600 Guard Road
Lompoc, CA 93436

Joyanna Zacher #36360-086
FCI Dublin
Federal Correctional Institution
5701 8th St - Camp Parks- Unit E
Dublin, CA 94568


Jacob Conroy # 93501-011
FCI Victorville Medium 1
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 5300
Adelanto, CA 92301

Lauren Gazzola #93497-011
FCI Danbury
Federal Correctional Institution Route #37
Danbury, CT 06811

Kevin Kjonaas # 93502-011
FCI Sandstone
PO Box 1000
Sandstone, MN 55072

Joshua Harper 29429-086
FCI Sheridan
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 5000
Sheridan, OR 97378

Andrew Stepanian # 26399-050
FCI Butner Medium II
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 1500
Butner, NC 27509

Other Green Scare:

Jeffrey Luers # 1306729
Lane County Adult Corrections
101 West 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401-2695

MCDAVID, ERIC X-2972521 4E231A
Sacramento County Main Jail
651 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

For the animals and mother-earth,

Friends and Family of Jonathan Paul
PMB# 267
2305 Ashland St., Ste. C
Ashland, OR 97520



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