paramilitary police terror & re invasion of Tuhoe 07

TALK ABOUT TERROR - A Public Forum at the University of Auckland
Reflections on politics, history, law and media.

Saturday, December 15, 10.30am-4.30pm, Engineering School auditorium (Rm
1439), 20 Symonds St

This forum addresses the on-going fallout for Tuhoe and New Zealanders of the October 15 police action. Public discussion and comment has focussed on whether police action was ‘warranted’ and whether the Terrorism Suppression Act was ‘good’ law.

This drift in mainstream media obscuresthe real issues, which remain Tuhoe sovereignty, the compulsory nationalism of New Zealand democracy, the broken trust of state aggression
against community, the enduring relevance of local history, and a global war on terror which has brought terror ‘home’ in support of international obligations that exclude the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The object of the forum is critical reflection that will highlight the substantive issues behind talk of terror in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Respondents include: Tracey McIntosh (Sociology, AU); David Williams (Law School, AU); Stephen Turner (English, AU); Laurence Simmons (Film, Television and Media, AU); Kiritapu Allan and Teanau Tuiono (Conscious Collaborations). The format will be welcome and morning tea (10:30–11:00), a screening of a 50 minute interview with Tamati Kruger of Tuhoe, followed
by 15 minute presentations from respondents on different aspects of public talk about terror (12.00–1.00). Lunch break, followed by further responses and discussion. The forum will close with a screening of Robert Pouwhare’s Tuhoe: A History of Resistance (3:00-4:00), still unseen on New Zealand television.

Organisers: Nova Paul ([nova.paul (at) aut.ac.nz]), with
Geraldene Peters, Tessa Laird and Adam White.


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