Alternative welfare report “superior”

09 Dec 2010

Alternative welfare report “superior”

A group of Maori women urge government to adopt the recommendations outlined in the alternative welfare report launched today.

Te Wharepora Hou, a mainly Auckland based group, agrees with the findings of the report “Welfare Justice for All”.  The report, released today by the Alternative Welfare Working Group, concludes that “there is no immediate crisis in New Zealand’s social welfare system”.
Te Wharepora Hou says that Maori women and children will be disproportionately affected if Government instead adopts those recommendations proposed by the official Government appointed Welfare Working Group. Te Wharepora Hou urges the Government to abandon its policies of benign neglect.

Te Wharepora Hou maintains that the Government group continues to stigmatise and punish beneficiaries.  Spokesperson Marama Davidson says “Successive government policies have failed to address and have contributed to growing inequalities. The Welfare Working Group report is an abdication of State responsibility that places the blame on beneficiaries who are living the consequences of wider societal problems.”

 Te Wharepora Hou asks Social Development Minister Paula Bennett to explain how the adoption of the Government group recommendations will enhance the care and protection of the vulnerable when its core aim is to further reduce the safety net of the welfare system?

Te Wharepora Hou urges the Government to instead work with the informed analysis of the Alternative Welfare Working Group report.  It urges the Government to outline its job creation policies and commitment to reducing inequalities, especially for Maori women, before the next election.

CONTACT: Marama Davidson

 PHONE: [021 025 88302]

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