Collateral Damage: Atomic Testing in the Marshall Islands

Between 1946 and 1958, the U.S. detonated 67 nuclear devices in and around the Marshall Islands. The impact of these tests on the Marshallese people was profound - in terms of both actual radioactive exposure and the displacement of people from their home islands due to contamination.


Marty Mars said...

Kia ora Ana

Thanks for posting this - very powerful and a timely reminder of how much abuse indigenous peoples have suffered.

Ana said...

Kia Ora Marty, thanks for the comment, yes a timely reminder about how Indigenous peoples in the pacific have & continue to suffer

Marty Mars said...

yep and you are so correct that the operative words are 'continue to suffer'.

kia kaha

The Red Son said...

When I lived in Hawaii I was shocked at the amount of racism directed towards Micronesian immigrants/refugees by Native Hawai'ians and others. The rhetoric surrounding the immigrants is reminiscent of that surrounding Latinos in the mainland U.S.; they are leeching off of welfare and food stamps, they cause crime and drink, etc. Whereas here I would be warned to stay away from black and Latino neighborhood, I was frequently warned about being assaulted by Micronesian youths in Hawai'i. I was sickened by this racism, especially considering the conditions which caused their immigration. Sadly their was no solidarity between two island nations abused by the U.S. military and American Imperialism in general.

Ana said...

Kia Ora Comrade

Therein lies the hard work building understanding & links between struggles. The Fake State demo's last weekend made pointed protest against 'uncle sam' & Us Imperialism.


lettysevy said...

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