Solidarity with Greece in Aotearoa

A beautiful slogan is echoing across the city: “ο λαός θα πεί την τελευταία λέξη/ αυτές οι νύχτες είναι του αλέξη” - “the people will have the last word/ these are Alexis’ nights”.

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This is an urgent call to solidarity with those who are struggling in Greece.

"Students are injured inside the university of Thessaloniki, shot at with rubber bullets. In Athens, riot police beat senseless another 15-year old boy in front of shocked passers-by begging them to stop. And yet, the police have already lost control. Trapped between trying to avoid a second (surely catastrophic) death yet equipped with the single technique they possess in handling the demonstrators – sheer violence. The government, a sorry get-together of more talking heads on the TV, locked up in meeting rooms, one emergency cabinet meeting after the other. A dead government standing. The question is not if – the question is just about how it will fall." from www.occupiedlondon.org/blog/

Repression intensifies to extreme levels as some 45,000 police are mobilised to crush protesters across Greece. In Patras and other cities eye witness reports claim fascist are actively engaged with riot police using tear gas, beating and arresting protesters. Plain clothed officers are reportedly in abundance and that police infiltrators of protest groups are smashing and looting local businesses in a divide and conquer tactic.

Those who struggle for freedom in Greece need us now more than ever, to show our support and stand in solidarity with them.

Wellington, midday, Friday 12th of December: to the Greek Embassy in protest of the disgusting human rights abuses and terrorism the police and government are using against the people. Freedom for the detained!

Come along, bring you're friends, be prepared to express yourself, wear a mask if you wish to avoid being identified.

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