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When: Friday 8th of August
Where: RISING SUN ¨C 373 Karangahape Rd
Cost: Koha

Over 30 Indigenous artists have joined forces to release the first ever Aboriginal and Maori Hip Hop Compilation. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artists Astronomical, Dizzy Doolan and Maupower will hit the stage with local natives, Horomona Horo, Revolution MC's, Miss bMe, Upper Hutt Posse, Dam Native and DJ's Exile, the Morning Steppa and Mr Rivers on Aug 8th, 10pm @ the Rising Sun - 373 K Rd to celebrate the launch.

Organiser Bethany Matai Edmunds says, "This album is part of a continuing collaboration between Aboriginal, Maori, Torres Strait Islanders, activists and artists using hip hop as a vehicle for indigenous self-determination."

Music Producer DJ Exile says, "There are common issues facing all indigenous peoples and hip hop music is a connection that we can use to spread the word"

The album comes out of Solid Territory 2007 which was a series of solidarity hip hop gigs in Australia with a focus on unity and support of indigenous reactions to the Northern Territory intervention. For many the intervention was seen as an attack on indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and an affront to Indigenous Peoples worldwide. In order for the Intervention to take place the government had to suspend the Racial Discrimination Act and the Northern Territory Land Rights Legislation.

"When the military come armed into our communities in places like the Northern Territory or like they did in Ruatoki last year it is important that Indigenous Peoples support each other" continues Edmunds.

SOLID TERRITORY features 20 tracks of rap, song, rhyme and flow with a sharp native edge and deep roots music. The album includes tracks from, The Sandridge Band, Dam Native, Street Warriors, Nadeena Dixon, Zennith, Upper Hutt Posse, Dizzy Doolan, One Blood Hidden Image, Miss b Me, Curtis Clearsky, Horomona Horo, Last Kinection, Miss Ginger, Revolution MCs, Skansta Lean Freedom Fighters, Dzcyple Last & Koolism, Native Sons feat: Tyna, Coco Solid feat. Agent Ali, Flowsion and DJ Exile.

The weekend of the launch marks the United Nations World Indigenous Peoples Day on the 9th of August.

What you'll find on this album are swift and deadly lyrics, soulful songs and captivating beats, along with high level music production mastered by DJ EXILE. Insightful rap narratives from the heart of the indigenous world make this the kind of album that commands your attention.

"We create music for a kaupapa, for the generations to follow us - we fight for the longevity of our mokopuna who will have a hard life if all the land is gone or polluted" [Agent Ali ¨C Revolution MCs]

View the Solid Territory image gallery, video and artist links at http://www.conscious.maori.nz/solid.html

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Anonymous said...

Oh Too Much!!! Is there gonna be an aussie launch do you know?

Ana said...

I'll find out for ya today Sis.

Anonymous said...

How cool, is it going to be available in the States? Love to get a copy if it is.

Ana said...

Kia Ora

mail here regarding copies


Anonymous said...

I'm also all for an Aussie launch. How exciting, can't wait to hear it and support the artists:) Slapsista.

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