Kue Moana 12-30-2010.

12-30-2010 Free Hawaii Action in Waikiki was a smashing success. We accomplished our objectives and more.

The primary objective was to attract the international press' attention to give them a 'heads-up' about the significance and imminent escalation of the issue of Hawaiian independence. Besides building familiarity to our situation and our undertakings, we used the opportunity to befriend and develop rapport with them for the future. These are people we are going to need as friends when the issue of Hawaii independence really heats up in the next few years.

What we gave them yesterday was a lively, peaceful, friendly 'photo-op' (up-beat nationals with colorful Free Hawaii, Hawaiian Independence banners in Waikiki), something in contrast to the fluff they have been reporting about President Obama's Christmas/New Year vacation in Hawaii.

Two news services, NBC and CNN sent their cameramen to grab this photo-op, but even the other services were well aware of us and our message (Obama: Free Hawaii, Give us back our nation...) as we have been prepping them with press releases and collateral materials for over a week. Of course Pono Kealoha was there, documenting the event, as was Kaiopua Fyfe for the award-winning program, "Voices of Truth."

Three more added bonuses were: the kokua attitude of the Moana Surfrider Hotel management and security staff; the kokua of HPD; and the many visitors and passers-by who expressed support and encouragement for our cause. We handed out flyers* and talked story with a lot of people. A Canadian visitor made a small on-the-spot contribution, and another visitor insisted on buying a Free Hawaii t-shirt like the ones we were wearing.

Mahalo nui loa to all those who participated! You represented maika'i loa for all Hawai'i nei! Imua! Ku'e!

Malama pono,


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