Kia Ora Gaza

International Aid Convoy to Gaza

Day 34: 21 October 2010

  • Times: All times given are those of Egypt and Gaza. Their clock is 11 hours behind New Zealand time.
  • Messages: The contents of this bulletin are real time texts from our Kiwi volunteers on their way to Gaza. Texts have been edited for readability.
  • Writers: Roger Fowler and Chris van Ryn.


Kia Ora Gaza was part of an international aid convoy that finally reached Gaza today after 34 days of travelling.

The convoy of 400 volunteers from 30 countries driving 150 vehicles was carrying medical supplies worth NZ$7 million and entered the region via the Egyptian-controlled Rafah Gate.
Rafah is the only land entrance to Gaza not under the control of Israel’s military
The team of six Kiwi volunteers joined the aid convoy led by Viva Palestina in heading to Gaza following the shooting of nine members of an aid flotilla by Israeli soldiers in May.



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