Six charged after two days rioting in remote Aboriginal community

August 31, 2007 06:00am

SIX people from a remote Aboriginal community have been charged after two days of riots in which a police car's windows were smashed with rocks.

A police officer and an Aboriginal police liaison officer visited a police post at the remote community of Oombulgurri, in WA's Kimberley, yesterday and Wednesday on an overnight patrol.

"While there, they intervened in a domestic violence incident which resulted in the arrest of a female who was transported to the temporary police post for processing,'' Sgt Graham Clifford said.

"During this action members of the community turned on them and a large disturbance occurred involving the community members and police.''

The arrest was made about 9.30pm on Wednesday and police were intimidated throughout the night, with threats made by community members, when the town was plunged into darkness.

"There's no outside lights in this community,'' Sgt Clifford said.

"The officer and the aid were under siege after dark.

"A police security vehicle was pelted with rocks, the windows were smashed and tyres let down.

"Police were not in the vehicle at the time and were not injured.''

Sgt Clifford said the officers were forced to remove the arrested woman from the police post to another place in the community after angry locals tried to force their way into the police post.

"Police continued to process and protect the woman in custody and resisted attempts from one vocal and aggressive members of the community, from forcing his way into the police post while he was inciting others to be aggressive towards police,'' he said.

"Police had to covertly secure the arrested female to another residence for her protection while avoiding the aggressive mob in the community.''

Six police arrived as reinforcements yesterday morning, making two further arrests on unrelated incidents and as arresting several of the original offenders.

Six people from the community will face court on charges of unlawful wound, aggravated assault, obstructing police, disorderly conduct and assault occasioning bodily harm.

The remote community on the Forrest River is accessible only by plane and boat.

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